#NBDTrend stands for “No Big Deal”, and no matter where we come from or what age we are…others will try to generalize how we feel and who we are.

Briana Robell

Standing Out But Not Fitting In™

#NBDTrend Terms

NBD stands for “No Big Deal”,

No matter where we come from or what age we are…others will try to generalize how we feel and who we are.  If we let them, we fail to identify what is #ATR or “All Too Real” to us in our attempt to fit in.  In the words of Dr. Seuss, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Here is some urban slang to help you befriend the #NBDTrend.  These terms will come up in this blog, on Vine, and at upcoming performances.  To be clear, exposing these terms does not endorse them.  The purpose is to give you verbal advantage when it comes to making choices.   You’ll want to know these terms to figure out what will be beneficial for you and to help you identify what is All Too Real when you encounter the #NBDTrend


V stands for Virgin.  Having the V-Card means you’re still a virgin.

“Yeah bro, I lost my V-Card last night.”


An extremely broad term that can mean two people doing anything from making out to having sex with each other. 

“That guy over there?  Ha! I hooked up with him a year ago.”


Low-key parties with select groups of invited people that you probably know.  Drinking is implied.

“Hey dude, don’t text any randoms the address.  It’s just a kickback.”


An open-invite to a place with people you probably don’t know.  Could charge a cover fee to get in ($5 - $20 a person).  Girls get in for free; guys pay.  Includes alcohol, drinking games, weed, other drugs, loud music, and dirty dancing. 

“Hey girl.  This party’s epic and hasn’t been rolled by cops yet.”


Drinking before arriving to a social event.  Occurs before going out to most parties and clubs to get a buzz before the event. 

“We really need to pregame tonight before hittin’ up this party.  I heard it’s B.Y.O.B. [Bring Your Own Booze].”

Turn Up/Turnt

Could refer to any of the following… 

  • Raging at a party:  
"After we turn up tonight we’re totally getting burritos."
  • Being excited about a party:  

"Man bro that party was turnt last night."  
  • Being drunk, wasted, hammered, high

"Let’s get seriously turnt Friday." 


A word associated with being high, stoned, baked, or blazed when it comes to smoking weed. Could also be a synonym for drunk. 

“Yo, ridiculously faded right now.”


To be drunk and high at the same time.  

Wow did you see her last night?  She was so crossfaded.”


A type of weed that’s usually high-end, but a word that can also be used loosely to refer to extreme partying. 

“That party was chronic last night.”

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