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Standing Out But Not Fitting In™

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For most of her life, Briana Robell has not fit in.

At the age of 6, Bri was told that she sounded like a boy and should join church choir. Not sure if sounding like a choir boy was a compliment, Bri tried to fit in with various choirs along the west coast of the United States. While in high school, she was told she was not a good fit for choirs after all because her voice stuck out like a sore thumb, was too loud, and did not blend well with others.

“Move on to musical theatre!” they said.

After performing in a dozen or so shows, Bri was told yet again that she did not fit in. She did not have a large enough belting range to be in musical theatre. Her head voice; however, would be a good fit for opera.

Strike three for Bri. After auditioning for the Met Auditions and competing in various classical voice competitions, Bri’s voice was much too bright. Opera called for a darker sound and tone color.

Bri stood out in choirs, musical theatre performances, and among opera critics…but did not fit in with them.

By #StandingOutButNotFittingIn Bri is certain of one truth — her voice is so different that she wants to share it with you.

How are you different than everyone else?

Sometimes being criticized is an invitation to discover what makes you unique.

If you don’t fit in, stand out with Bri.

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