Briana Robell

Standing Out But Not Fitting In™

what’s Standing Out But Not Fitting In

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 

Like most people I have two worlds I’m figuring out:

the Work World 
the Social World


In the Work World it’s all about grades, classes, and career. In the Social World it’s all about friends, family, love interests, parties, and sex. Tuning into the Social World will give us an advantage in the Work World. Why? Because the choices we make in the Social World will shape our character and help us discover what makes us unique. When we master the Social World we can skip anything and anyone that will distract us from our dreams in the Work World. 

Using acronyms, texting, hookups, urban slang and more Standing Out But Not Fitting In creates a down-to-earth, judgment-free zone that gives clarity when it comes to choosing what’s most beneficial in the Social World. What do we need to watch out for in the Social World?

The #NBDTrend


NBD stands for “No Big Deal”, and no matter where we come from or what age we are…others will try to generalize how we feel and who we are.  If we let them, we fail to identify what is #ATR or “All Too Real” to us in our attempt to fit in. 

In the words of Dr. Seuss, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Bottom line, it’s up to us to figure out who we want to be friends with, date, and what kind of life we want to look back on when we’re older. 

When people talk about finding “The One” in life, always remember, “The One” is you. You have to find what you’re looking for by finding yourself. Through music and Standing Out But Not Fitting In I hope to help you befriend the #NBDTrend and find clarity as you write your own story.

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