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Standing Out But Not Fitting In™

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Throwing it back to the good ol’ days when I was 8…

I started singing when I was 4 and playing piano when I was 6.  Ever since those days of otter pops and lemonade stands music has been something I just can’t live without.  It helps me remember that joy exists even when I can’t always find it or feel it.  

I listen to anything from Avicii to Taylor Swift to Earth Wind and Fire to James Taylor to George Straight to Frank Sinatra to Luciano Pavarotti.  My listening tastes vary as much as my musical style…with that said, I’ve been told I stand out but I’ve never really fit in.  

Due to my fascination with history most people I want to meet in the world already died (i.e. Audrey Hepburn, Mother Theresa, Michael Jackson and Robin Williams)…and at the rate life keeps flying by, I’ve learned the best thing to do is to make a bucket list as early as possible.

I’m a modern old soul.  I like tradition, I like structure, and I adore older people.  I’m over-conscientious and a perfectionist, and I would rather stay home and watch Anne of Green Gables with my mom than go out to a bar.  I like to listen to what other people are going through, because it inspires me to learn from them. If there’s anything I enjoy as much as music, it’s listening to someone’s life story.  My favorite holiday is Christmas, I do believe in Santa Clause, and I would take winter over summer any day.  A part of me will never grow up, and will always be in Neverland with Peter Pan.

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